Why do Break Up Happen

It honestly took me some serious digging and a trip to the library forty miles away from where I live to uncover the mystery—well, at least a couple of them. Question of couple to ask the data on why men broke up with women in decades as recent as the ‘50s and ’60s is far more scattered and harder to find on the internet than one might think. You might as well talk to walking and talking history lessons, like your parents or at least someone you think might be knowledgeable. This could be someone who dated in their teen years back then and could possibly “spill the beans” to you. Truth be told, my parents are like me; neither of them dated much at all, if at all, in their teens or later on.

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That being said, I’m going to be honest with you ladies and say that my mom, despite her not being a social butterfly when she was in high school and college, is really quite astute about social and sociological issues. The woman has a brain in her head that just won’t quit. Just as I am very fortunate to have the dad I have, I am as equally fortunate to have the mother I have.

When I asked her about why men would break up with women in her day, she said, “Pretty much the same reasons they do so today.” Granted, that’s a pretty blank statement, so I dug deeper.

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It used to be, even as recent as the 1950s and 1960s, and perhaps the 1970s, that steady dating usually led to marriage. Many of us in the 21st century still hope it does, but for different reasons.

My mother said that what she observed in the 1960s, when she was in high school, was mostly men breaking up with women because they didn’t “put out.” Those were the guys who kept wanting to “cat around” and likely didn’t marry the ones they “hooked up with,” to use modern terminology. Of course, my mother, truly being marriage-minded in the hearts-and-chocolates sense, has strong judgments about these types of guys, from both past and present. I can only speak for myself when I say that I don’t blame her. And yes, the reason she gave sounds like one of the more modern reasons given in Part I of this eBook, doesn’t it?