Top 4 London Nightclubs

Looking for the best place to have fun in London’s nightlife? Then check this list to the top 4 London nightclubs:

  • Cirque le Soir: after being relocated and reopened, this place situated now in Ganton st. offers a quite picturesque atmosphere where music and décor are only some of the many entertainments you can enjoy. With burlesque and boudoir shows such as dominatrix dwarfs and “old feria style” performances but in a luscious classy way.

When it comes to the music get ready to a heavy wave of hip-hop and R&B set that will definitely promote the seductive environment that this kind-of-kinky place has to offer… You can’t miss the Don Perignon champagne poured to your mouth directly from mrs. Beautiful bartender’s mouth! And as if all this were little, there’s this room when you can climb and slide from two giant inflatable tits (YES, literally two breasts).

  • The Jazz Café: another one that comes out after a great remodeling, the place that has home great artists such as Amy Winehouse and Lana del Rey among others, is now a much more open to music, instead of being such an exclusive high-quality jazz place. Nevertheless, this change has been for the good and The Jazz Café is shining at its best with a new mezzanine area where you can dinner and have the table for the night and different atmospheres according to the day.

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Actually, you can now enjoy anything from electronic to soul and funk as long as it is GOOD MUSIC, which could be live during the week. Also, you can enjoy R&B and hip-hop Fridays and soul & funk Saturdays.

  • Cargo: This is the one for a day gourmet snack such as burgers, and then the dancefloor all night long. The best part of this place is that they very commonly bring great international Dj’s and fun goes all night long until early morning, you won’t ever live Cargo before six am that’s for sure! Especially, if you love hip-hop and deep house music.

Also, you can enjoy their decked garden which is one of the best on East Side London and have a great night socializing with the funniest people in town.

  • XOYO: if you like to dance and you’re prepared to be surprised with ANY kind of music, then XOYO is the place for you. Or you look for some Russian girls…With a vintage style décor, XOYO is a cutting-edge place in London’s clubbing world. Known for bringing the most top-of-the-line Dj’s, this place specializes in quality artists while giving not so much attention to the genre. That’s why this is an excellent place for a surprise night where dancing is all that matters!