Naturally, the men with the highest style are not just trying to find some high jinks, they are hunting for the most desirable escort Ibiza can make available, or they want to spend time with the highest class escort Ibiza can supply by the hour. And the escort firms are much more than happy to assist. But be pre warned; they are just as busy and rushed off their feet, as everybody else in the leisure marketplace so do not waste their time with vague requests or window shopping and collecting images of barely dressed sex sirens. In March or Autumn you will receive a pleasant and extensive answer. In mid Summer, most probably much less so!

And almost every piece of holiday accommodation is taken from mid July to the end of August. You could most likely get a thousand euros for a month on a park bench; and in Ibiza I guarantee somebody else has had a go at as it is quite frequent for people to pay for overnight accommodation that possibly does not exist or has somebody already staying in it.

All of that means that the nice call girls in Ibiza are kept tremendously bustling, after all a minimum of half of the great numbers of vacationers will be males, and a them will want more horizontal samba from the numerous escorts who stream into Ibiza for the summertime season too.

This is not true of Ibiza, except for the exit from the E10 exit in close proximity to Pacha that connects to the port. That is perhaps because Ibiza has grown more organically instead of enduring being designed on a notepad. Even so, at peak times (which are not what you might expect!) the E10 from Santa Eulalia is entirely full of traffic heading into Ibiza. The streets from San Antonio and San Josep much less so, but nonetheless bustling. But pretty much everywhere else; blimey! It is possible to take a walk from one end of the beach front at Talamanca to the other without actually touching sand, just stepping from one bronze limber beach physique to another.

The summer season does not arrive slowly in Ibiza. One day there are tons of empty sunbeds, resort rooms and vacation homes. The streets are pleasantly busy and the shops and restaurants are busy but not unacceptable. The ensuing day, pandemonium arrives.

Ibiza is less horribly laid out than destinations like Marbella, where during the course of the season the A7 transforms into a large parking area from Estepona back to Elviria, and from Fuengirola to Benalmadena. Puerto Banus ends up being a slow proceeding traffic jam the likes of that London did not have even before the Congestion charge. For those who do not know, Puerto Banus is in fact set out around four roundabouts. That is great in the winter months, and I am sure looks superbly balanced from above. But in the high point of summertime it means that once one traffic island is full (ordinarily the roundabout with the magnificent rhino on it that connects and from the A7) then vehicles heading to it can not shift, that fills the ensuing one, and the succeeding one and the next one. Imagine a Scalextric track with one car obstructing both lanes. Now keep adding in vehicles and see what develops!